I came up with my project

I came up with my project’s idea about that will be interesting for the teenagers and I want to tell you about this. It’s a journal about how become financial free. I think the teens will be interested in this because many people in this age want to earn a huge fortune easily and fast and they want to live as they want. And it must be on the money that they earn.

In the journal it will describe about methods for a big earning, about how some rich people became rich, about their ways to this, about their ups and downs, about their mistakes and about how they solved these problems, how don’t mistake in these questions and other.


And I wrote two articles, for example, to this subject.




















Interview with. Issue #1

Hi teen, if you’re reading this, so you want to earn money. And here you will read some interview, advice from the millionaire, who wants to be anonymous, and who wants tell you how become as he.

1. A. So, how was you living before you became rich?

B. I was in depression, and during long time I was thinking how I can go out from this situation. And later, I came up with the idea to open my personal business. I had a start capital — 15000$ and the start was easy but continue was not easy. When my company was suffering the losses, I didn’t despair and I asked for help to my friends. They provided me with money and later I repay all that they gave me. It means, don’t be afraid to ask for the help.

   2. A. Ok. How will you want to spend those money, which you earned?

B. I want to take a vacation and fly to the Italian, and, of course, I want to give my children good education.

    Thanks for the interview.


So now you know that if you situation is bad, you must don’t be afraid to ask for the help.





Top 4 ways to open business.

Previously you must to know several notions:

Credit — when bank or some other creditor lends you money. And during certain term you must give this back. These terms can be different: one term to 1 month, second — to 1 year, third — to 5 years and so on.

Business it is that is the source of income.

1. You must think out all, is this necessary for you? If your answer is ‘Yes’ then you must think out all your way good.

2. If you haven’t money to open the business you can get a credit, before this you must to look at the documents: which bank, or which creditor gives you a credit for the minimum percent.

3. If you don’t trust the creditors then you can ask for the help from your relatives. They will be happy because of the fact that you going to open the business.

4. Also you can not to get credits and favors. You can open such business, which not requires much money. For the example, you can sell some your things, or you can to use your hobby to get money. For example it’s an origami, or growing plants.









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