Ecological problems of Kazakhstan

Ecological problems of Kazakhstan

  • Environmental problems of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the eve of a new millennium, humankind, summing up the past and looking to the future, recognizing the achievements of civilization, cannot fail to be aware of the global dimension of environmental problems, and do not plan their activities, taking into account the need to address them and move towards sustainable development.

    Nuclear-weapon tests conducted during the 40 years at the Semipalatinsk test site, caused irreparable damage to human health and the environment Wednesday, have caused an increase in overall morbidity and mortality. The entire territory of Semipalatinsk and polygon areas adjacent to Pavlodar, East Kazakhstan and Karaganda regions declared a zone of ecological disaster.

    All the more detrimental long-term effects of nuclear tests, which are transferred from generation to generation.

    Elimination of these effects requires the implementation of a special State program and a set of measures for the treatment, recovery, rehabilitation and social protection of the population and socio-economic development of the territory.

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