Boys and girls should be taught together at coeducational schools.


The debate about advantages and disadvantages of single-sex and mixed schools is long-term running and does not have end. Some of parents consider that pupils of both sexes should study together in coeducational schools. However, others disagree with this statement.

In my opinion, girls and boys should be educated together. Firstly, mixed education facilitates socialization among opposite sexes. Male and female students learn to understand and communicate with each other despite the differences between them. Secondly, it prepares pupils for the real world where they will be exposed to a normal environment and can create a genuine relationship. Last but not least, coeducational schools creates a competition atmosphere, so it enhance the level of education at all.

However, there are those who oppose this view. They believe that students of both sexes should have their own schools. Furthermore, studying together can cause distraction which will can affect the educational process in a negative way. In addition, pupils can feel more tentative and vulnerable due to the competition between two genders.

Despite these arguments, I tend to disagree with this point of view. Pupils learn to overcome differences and constraint in their communication between both sexes. Additionally, studying at coeducational schools mirrors the real world.

In conclusion, even though there are those who claim that single-sex schools are better in many ways, I firmly believe that all students should be taught in coeducational schools because it expands their educational prospects and communication skills.




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